About NEAP

NEAP Solutions is revolutionising the Australian live event experience by using cutting-edge technology that delivers insight solutions for major sporting events, music festivals, nightclubs, trade shows and more.

While you’re focusing on running your event, an easy, innovative technology is taking care of everything else.

Why wrestle with cash handling errors or long wait lines when you can solve the most tedious aspects of your event with NEAP Solutions?

It’s great when the stars align and plans run smoothly. But here in the real world, alignment is not always reality–which is why you need NEAP Solutions.

We know that efficiency, security and control are the keystones of great event management and great event management leads to great event experiences.

With NEAP Solutions you can be sure that your event will leaving a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

We’re a team that knows great experience is in the details. With Neap Solutions we’ve taken cutting edge technology and used it to enhance the event experience; for you and your patrons.

Our credentials:

  • Over 7 years international event experience
  • Over 1 billion cashless transactions
  • Over 430 events
  • Events in 31 countries
  • Best-in-breed technology specifically tailored to the live event industry

Imagine an epic event experience for your patrons and your staff. It can be done when you align your event with NEAP Solutions


What we do

Our solutions will integrate seamlessly into your event

NEAP Solutions will work with your team from beginning to end of your next event. We will help integrate everything from pre-ticketing to post event data analytics.

Our promise to you:

  • We will deliver a better event experience for your event patrons
  • We will speed up and streamline entry processes
  • Up to the minute advanced security and access control
  • Live event monitoring
  • Staff management
  • Post event data analytics

How we do it

NEAP Solutions utilises advanced network independent technology

Our cashless solution offers the following value added services:

  • Advanced top-up when customers buy their tickets online or onsite during the event
  • A custom mobile Point-Of-Sale system for each event vendor
    On-device statistics to monitor sales
  • Hourly vendor reports
  • Comprehensive sales reports
  • Customer refunds either on site, online or both
  • On site customer service tools providing full transparency.

Cashless Payment Event Solutions for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin

Our intelligent technology and non intrusive solution allows visitors and promoters attending your next event to enjoy a hassle free day by eliminating queues, theft and fraud.

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