The NEAP.tag is an evolution in event experiences.

For the patron, wait-less entry, cashless payments and more time spent revelling in the reason they came.

For the event organiser; seamless security, access control and customisable creative that can take your event to the next level.

Our smart wearable technology gives you flexibility and your attendees more choice

  • Weather proof
  • Comfortable
  • Non removable and secure
  • Customisable to suit corporate guidelines and
    your sponsors requirements
  • Can be reused over multiple days.

Align your next live event with NEAP Solutions



Welcome to a seamless purchase transaction that requires no cash exchange. The NEAP Solutions Payment System allows your patrons to stay in complete control of spend and affords you complete control over the payment process. NEAP Solutions payments reduce theft and handling errors and produce real time data for stock and inventory.

  • Create seamless transactions
  • Offer cashless purchasing
  • Promote controlled spending
  • Reduce cash handling errors
  • Produce real time transaction data



If content is king, data is its queen and the NEAP Solutions Management System allows you to capitalise. Real time data for stock, inventory and revenue allows you to economise where necessary without forgoing an unforgettable experience for your audience. Customisable data sets can tell you what you need to know in the moment – making NEAP Solutions Management your epic event ally.

  • Capture useful data
  • Capitalise on trends
  • Economise your processes
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Capitalise your revenue



Be the event that eliminates line ups with NEAP Solutions. The number one reported pain point of events and festivals is the line-up for admittance. Reduce access and admittance processing to seconds and kick your event experience off in the best possible way. With an easy online registration process, granting your patrons entry in the best possible way is easy with NEAP Solutions Access.

  • Reduce wait times
  • Increase admittance numbers
  • Simplify registrations
  • Speed up access points
  • Create a great first impression



You’ve created an event that people want to remember. Now go above and beyond with customisable Neap.Tag artwork. Your logo on the tag, your experience in the minds of patrons who’ll want to return year after year. Sublimation printing on the access tag creates a iconic, branded event merchandise that builds your name and reminds your audience why they come.

  • Customise design
  • Add to festival & event memorabilia
  • Create merchandise with ease
  • Market to engaged patrons
  • Show your attention to detail
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